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English Language Tips: Difference Between “Lend” and “Pay Back”

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Today’s English language tip is: The difference between “Lend”, “Borrow” and “Pay back”

-Lend = prestar
-Loan = préstamo
-Borrow = pedir prestado
-Pay back = devolver
So, if I lend you money, you borrow it from me and you must pay me back.
(Entonces, si yo te presto dinero, tú lo tomas prestado y debes devolvérmelo.)

-Cuando tomamos un objeto prestado, decimos “Give back” en vez de “pay back” para decir ‘devolver’
Ex: I borrowed his gloves and I have to give them back.

-Cuando devolvemos algo prestado a una institución, decimos “return”
Ex: I borrowed three books from the library and I forgot to return them.

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